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  • Brush 2x a day making sure to cover the weft line with your hand for protection to avoid "looping"
  • Braid or wear hair in low pony at bed with a silk scrunchie.
  •  Properly brush out any tangles prior to washing
  •  Make sure to wash and rinse under each row thoroughly so no residue is left behind
  • Use a hydrating mask once a week to prolong the life of your extensions
  • Use GL Signature Serum prior to blow drying to help detangle, add shine and heat protection, and nourish ends
  •  Always drying the tops of your wefts to prolong their life span
  • Always lower your heat when styling extensions
  • Avoid using repairative or volumizing products on your extensions such as olaplex
  • Sunscreen with the ingredient Avobenzone will turn extensions pink/orange (this includes skincare and makeup with spf)
  • Goldie Locks is the only product line I recommend to protect your extension investment. Other product lines (even other professional products) may cause tangling, dryness, and shorten the overall lifespan of your hair.

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